I have not seen or heard of any business working so hard for a client with great patience, kindness, and consideration from the top down. [Sunrise Homes] listens to concerns, understanding our ideas and taking them even further with suggestions we had not considered. Often their idea costs less or improves on the quality of our choice.

Yesterday, I met with Mr. Ali Hasbini (owner/builder), Dave Nejman. (2nd in command), and Karen (Professional Color Consultant).

Each one working closely to meet all concerns. Ali said he will do everything he can for us, but will not sacrifice quality of workmanship. Dave and I have worked closely on items that Karen can’t control. Karen is a saint, going beyond the limitations set in house selections without increasing our cost.

Buying a car takes much more out of me than all the complications in buying this home. Again, I see it as God’s gift to us through these people working the miracles.

The headlines feature the bad news; what a great feeling it is to share good news.

— MaryAnne
Sunrise recieves an A+ for follow-up on any issues we have had regarding the house after we moved in. There have been a few “to be expected” problems, but Sylvia, Chris and Vaughn have been awesome. We have one issue left with the threshold area of the garage but it seems that is getting handled.Not sure when the party is, but count on an invite.
— David P.